how we
do it.

 Werken bij Port of Antwerp-Bruges is werken in een unieke, inspirerende omgeving. Je geeft vorm aan de haven van morgen én je geeft je eigen professionele ontwikkeling een boost. Reken op een job vol variatie, waarin je telkens nieuwe uitdagingen aangaat.
Je vindt hier heel wat uitdagende jobs

Working at Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority

We focus on innovation and digitalisation to ensure smooth and safe shipping flows and to realise the sustainable flows of goods. From patrol vessels powered by electricity, through hydrogen tugs, to autonomous drones that detect oil spills. Our eye is on the future. Full speed ahead!


We do this together with our subsidiaries and with other companies and partners in the port and far beyond. Port of Antwerp-Bruges enables everything and everyone in the port area to progress efficiently. This is how we are shifting from domestic to global port. And you could be part of it.

We hebben vestigingen in Antwerpen en in Zeebrugge

Who are we?

The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority is responsible for carrying out a variety of activities to connect the port with the rest of the world.


We ensure smooth and safe shipping flows and maintain port infrastructure such as bridges and locks. We connect companies, customers and people at the port and provide a home for forward-looking businesses.

New: Traineeships

Curious, just or almost graduated and ready to discover which job suits you? In that case, the traineeship of Port of Antwerp-Bruges (in Dutch) is the perfect match for you. For two years, you can sample unique experiences in the fascinating world of the port, with personal guidance. This way, you will eventually end up in a position that really suits you, in a company that will make a difference for the future.

Together, that's how we do it.